Cost reduction from parallel sector experience

Lessons and opportunities to drive down the cost of offshore wind energy from three highly relevant sectors that will play vital roles in the industry’s future growth.


13.00 – 17.30, Wednesday 24th June, Day 1, Global Offshore Wind 2015

Platinum Room 3, Level 3, Excel Conference Centre, London

13.30     Session 1:

Chair: Andrew Jamieson, CEO, ORE Catapult                                                                       Catapult_HR

Keynote speaker: Clark MacFarlane, Managing Director, Wind Power & Renewables, Siemens UK 

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14.00     Session 2: Materials and Manufacture.                      In collaboration with    HVM_SM_Colour

Materials and Manufacture: The cost of Quality.
Lessons from the leading edge of composite manufacture to address through life blade costs

Chair: Andrew Bellamy, Co-Founder & Director, Aarufield

Dr Dan Kells, Collaborative Research Manager, National Composites Centre: Lessons for offshore wind: the effects of materials costs and manufacturing quality on through life costs in the aerospace industry

Alexis Crama, Vice President Offshore business development, LM Wind Power: An exploration of reliability-driven design, state-of-the-art technologies, materials & innovative manufacturing processes to reduce the overall LCOE.

Kirsten Dyer, Research Materials Engineer, ORE Catapult: Blade leading edge erosion. Description of the problem of erosion. Description of the impact manufacturing defects have on increasing the erosion process. Description of the costs of erosion to the industry

Q&A / discussion

Conclusion from Chair

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15.00     Session 3: Digital                                                                In collaboration with    Digital-Catapult-Logo-RGB-A4-ai

Turning data into knowledge. 

The Offshore Renewable Energy sector’s thirst for knowledge, and  the growing ability to interrogate and analyse comprehensive data sets, is driving a revolution that it is estimated could drive down the cost of delivering offshore wind by as much as 10%.

Chair: Dr. Stephen Wyatt, Strategy & Commercialisation Director, ORE Catapult

Dr Gillian Smith, Senior Project Engineer, Offshore Wind, DNV GL: Issues driving costs: what are the key data issues impacting costs and how can we address them?

Chirdeep Chhabra, Senior Manager Data Programs, Digital Catapult: Bridging the gap: How the Digital Catapult’s Environmental Data Exchange and Data Catalyser are helping organisations address closed data issues.

Dr Vicky Pope, Head of Integration & Growth, Met OfficeMet Office solutions for the ORE Sector / Innovation in data gathering and sharing: Met Office solutions

Carsten Neilson, Improvements Officer, Vattenfall: Driving down O & M costs:  Developing knowledge and strategy from SPARTA data benchmarking

Q&A / discussion

Conclusion from Chair

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16.00     Session 4: Satellite Applications.                                In collaboration with    SA_LG_Colour

Satellite technologies could support unlocking a saving of more than 1% on LCOE through improvements to O&M.

The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) and Satellite Applications (SA) Catapults have joined forces to explore ways in which satellite technologies can be used to drive forward the development of the UK’s offshore renewable energy industry. Satellites can offer particular capabilities during routine maintenance of an offshore wind farm that could support advancement of both our sectors.

Chair: Ignacio Marti, Innovation & Research Director, ORE Catapult

Terri Freemantle, Earth Observation Specialist, Satellite Applications Catapult: Solving innovation challenges with satellite technology

Reuben Wright, Head of Satellite Applications and SSA, Deimos: Integrated logistics tools to optimise offshore campaigns – Support to Marine Operations in Offshore Wind Farms (SUMO)

Matt Stickland, Senior Lecturer, Strathclyde University: Integrating terrestrial sensors with satellite data to advance wind resource assessment and met ocean forecasting

David Critchley, CEO, Proteus: Satellite derived bathymetry and environmental monitoring, potential applications in offshore wind

Q&A / discussion

Conclusion from Chair 

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17.00 Conference conclusions and close, Andrew Jamieson, CEO, ORE Catapult

With thanks to our speakers including:

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